How to Scan Feet for Orthotics using an iPad

How to Scan Feet for Orthotics using an Ipad

1) Purchase an iPad ( about $329) and the proper scanner for your iPad ($495) on
2) Purchase the SharpShape app for $60. This total package will take a short time to learn and to train others to use.
3) Perform a scan. This takes about 20 seconds per foot and you can brace the foot by the toes if necessary to keep the foot still.
4) Send the scan(s) off after taking them. This eliminates shipping costs and delivery time, as well as plaster drying time.

Benefits of this process:
-Considerably lower cost of equipment than less modern scanning methods
-Added mobility of the scanner means you can scan from any room, or even a nursing home or hospital
-Eliminates other overhead costs such as plaster and shipping of molds
-Shortens turnaround time greatly
-Frees up valuable space in your facility by migrating to compact modern technology
-Modernizes your practice

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