Game-Changing Orthotics

sportsHaving the right-fitting gear is important in any athletic event, particularly when it affects agility and precise movement. Prescription foot orthotics serve athletes in numerous ways including providing shock absorption, arch support and stability. Just as different sports require athletes to make different use of their legs and feet, they also have different objectives where foot orthotics are concerned. Recently, North Star Podiatric Lab introduced two high-performance sport orthotics that provide added comfort, support and control on the field and in the court.  Sport Star STS and Sport Star Lite are the newest of North Star Podiatric Lab’s Sport Star series of foot orthotics. The two new orthotics are extremely lightweight, thin in profile, tight-fitting and secure.

Sport Star Lite provides all of the biomechanical control of traditional rigid foot orthotics along with added shock absorption and stability for rugged activities that include running, jumping and sports that require abrupt stops and starts.

Sport Star STS foot orthotics are designed for athletes who require maximum foot control along with the ability to feel the ground. They provide all of the biomechanical control of prescription foot orthotics combined with shock absorption and stability for intense action including running, jumping and side-to-side movement. Sport Star STS foot orthotics are being used by NCAA Division 1, NFL and NBA.

Visit our website for a complete overview of the foot orthotics produced by North Star Lab.

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