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Certified Pedorthists Dave and Terri Wagner have helped improve hundreds of people’s lives by precisely manufacturing foot orthotics that perform corrective therapies prescribed by their podiatrists and physical therapists.  Since founding North Star Podiatric Lab in 1984, the Wagners, along with their daughter Jacquelyn, have manufactured more than 400,000 orthotic devices. Each of the orthotics they manufacture are designed to meet the exact specifications of a foot-care professional in order to achieve objectives ranging from high-performance athletics to the special needs of people with spine, muscular or health-related issues such as diabetes.

“It is amazing, when you think about it, how much of human health and performance is directly related to the condition of our feet,” said Dave Wagner. “Slight adjustments in a person’s posture can make dramatic changes. Those changes can be good or bad, which is why it is often so important to have foot care administered by professionals including podiatrists, physical therapists and chiropractic doctors who are skilled in biomedical technologies. For example, in the case of professional athletics, a slight change in balance or stability can make a big difference on the basketball court or with a golf swing,” he explained. Orthotic therapies may have an even greater impact on health. “Think of a person suffering from diabetes. Often, these people have little or no feeling in their extremities. The proper positioning of an orthotic device can improve or deter blood flow to the feet and toes. Also, there are individuals who suffer from severe muscular pain or headaches whose comfort and endurance can be greatly improved by proper corrections to the feet,” he added. Orthotic therapies focus on improving postural alignment and are effective in alleviating pain and dysfunctional symptoms.

Throughout the past three decades, North Star Podiatric Lab has researched and developed technologies to manufacture foot orthotics to a doctor’s exact prescription. “We have the ability to accurately scan feet and plaster casts to recreate an exact impression of the foot for use with our computerized milling equipment,” said Dave. There are times, however, when traditional practices are still the best solution.  “We receive foam impressions from practitioners on a daily basis. Sometimes it is the most effective way to provide health care.” Regardless of the means by which North Star Lab receives its prescriptions, their objective is to provide prompt and accurate relief. Turnaround from the lab is usually within four days or less.

North Star Podiatric Lab is an ABC-certified facility. Its mission is to provide quality prescription foot orthotics that conform to the technical standards as defined by the Prescription Foot Orthotics Laboratory Association. For more information call 651-426-9388 or toll-free, 800-842-2171, or visit



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  • daniel skinner

    i had a foot impression done at hcmc and my insurance would not pay for it. how muck do i need to get some kind of support for my feet. i still have mhp #01967055. am i still in u files? it so what do i need to take the pain out of my ankle????
    right side have plate and 10 screws. has not been right since. and im on it all the time. im still on warfin and dont like it. could do better if i had a full time nurse. need my ankle back. or i will force it to my ankle..