How to Scan Feet for Orthotics using an iPad

How to Scan Feet for Orthotics using an Ipad STEP BY STEP: 1) Purchase an iPad ( about $329) and the proper scanner for your iPad ($495) on 2) Purchase the SharpShape app for $60. This total package will take a short time to learn and to train others […]

Advanced Foot Care for the Athlete

There is no question about it. Athletes depend upon their feet to win the game. The foot is a complex part of the human anatomy with its 26 bones, 33 joints, and more than 100 assorted muscles, tendons and ligaments. Literally and figuratively, there is a great deal riding on […]

Orthotics – Athlete’s Arsenal of Tools

It is time to get in a practice or a workout.  Place your gear into your gym bag and let’s go. What tools are in your gym bag in order to achieve an optimum workout?  Shorts, shirts, under clothing, a couple pairs of socks, sweat shirt, sweat pants, sport-specific shoes, […]

Orthotics and low back pain

Low back pain (LBP) has plagued a large number of the United States walking population, over 80%, at one time or another.  This percentage includes athletes of all ages.  If left untreated, LBP may become a chronic issue, meaning the pain lasts longer than three months.  How can this be?  […]

Ten Points to Consider When Selecting an Orthotics Lab

1. Pinpoint Accuracy: There are several considerations when it comes to accurately producing foot orthotics. The lab must have the ability to read and successfully interpret the contours of the subject’s feet as well as the instructions and objectives of the doctor or therapist. Additionally, the lab must have the […]

The Anatomy of Prescription Foot Orthotics

The purpose of orthotics is to permit healing and correction of foot conditions that cause pain, discomfort and possible damage to the feet and other parts of the body. Foot orthotics help restore the ability to walk, run, and jump by reducing pain and swelling. They increase the stability of […]


Lengths of Foot Orthotics

MPJ— The length of a foot orthotic’s shell, mid-layer or top cover, which ends near the metatarsal heads Sulcus— The length of a foot orthotic’s shell, mid-layer or top cover, which ends just before the toes Full— The length of a foot orthotic’s shell, mid-layer or top cover, which extends […]

Types of Orthotics

Foot orthotics typically fall into three categories: Functional – Functional foot orthotics are rigid devices that are designed to correct abnormal foot biomechanics and the resulting lower extremity malfunctions. Functional orthotics are mainly designed to control motion in two major foot joints located directly below the ankle joint. Functional orthotics […]

The process of scanning to fit foot orthotics is quick, clean and accurate.

Fitting Orthotics: Is there a better way?

There are generally three ways in which to fit a prescription-quality foot orthotic: 1)      Creating a foam-box foot impression 2)      Building a plaster cast of the foot 3)      Performing an electronic foot scan All of these methods are acceptable means of providing specifications for prescription foot orthotics. The process by […]

Game-Changing Orthotics

Having the right-fitting gear is important in any athletic event, particularly when it affects agility and precise movement. Prescription foot orthotics serve athletes in numerous ways including providing shock absorption, arch support and stability. Just as different sports require athletes to make different use of their legs and feet, they […]


Pain Symptoms Sourced at the Feet

Pain that is sourced at the feet can often occur in remote areas of the body, particularly in muscles, tendons and joints.  For example, if a person experiences recurring back, knee or hip pain, the solution to that pain may be found through a closer examination of how the person’s […]

Sport Star STS

Introducing the Sport Star STS, a foot orthotic designed for the competitive athlete whose performance depends on maintaining total control. Sport Star STS foot orthotics provide all of the biomechanical control of prescription orthotics combined with shock absorption and stability for intense action including running, jumping and side-to-side movement. They […]



Sport Star Lite

  Introducing Sport Star Lite, a highly functional food orthotic designed with the athlete in mind. Sport Star Lite foot orthotics provide all of the biomechanical control of traditional rigid orthotics along with added shock absorption and stability for rugged activity including running, jumping and abrupt stops and starts. These […]

Certified by the ABC

North Star Podiatric Lab is certified by the American Board for Certification. The American Board for Certification (ABC) is the national certifying and accrediting body for the orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic professions. Since its inception in 1948, ABC has become the quality standard in orthotic, prosthetic and pedorthic certification and today […]


Case Study: Sports injury affects sales pro’s health and career

Joe is a salesman who is in his mid-forties. On evenings and weekends he is an avid runner. Lately, Joe has been suffering from recurring ankle sprains and knee pain. Not only is the pain affecting his ability to run, he is also having pain throughout his day at work. […]

Healthy Feet: Healthy Foundation

Just as a strong foundation supports a building in good and adverse conditions, feet provide the body with a foundation that if properly managed will support a person’s health and well being, even throughout a busy and strenuous day. When enjoying ideal health, it is easy to forget about the […]



Five Mistakes to Avoid when Fitting Orthotics

  Prescription foot orthotics are known to relieve a wide range of symptoms including joint and back pain, heel spurs or plantar fasciitis, shin splints, arthritis, and certain types of headaches.  They also provide therapeutic support and stabilization to improve athletic performance such as distance running, golf swings and agility […]

North Star 30 Years of Service

Thirty Years of Laboratory Excellence

  For three decades, North Star Podiatric Lab has been building a solid reputation as a quality manufacturer of precision foot orthotics for foot care professionals throughout the Midwest and across the U.S. Many of the clinics we serve today are the same ones we served 20 to 30 years […]